AFTER ALMOST FOUR HOURS IVE MADE MY FIRST DIGITIALLY COLORED DRAWING (i mean there have been attempts but they turned out horrible)

Special thanks to finding SAI paintshop because photoshop sucks lol

But this kinda unintentionally came out like Hermione but i had been listening to the hp soundtracks so its not a surprise

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sorry for the really bad preview pictures (the ink softer looks a lot better when used i promise) i didn’t really know how to organise them, but here you go!

bonus: rad fineliner

I sort of mix and match and mess around with the default brushes, duplicating them and then tweaking until i get something new and a little more useful (i only really use adaptations of the original Brush, i guess)
I also tweak some of the ones i find on ptsbrushes, because a lot of them dont seem to agree with me, though it’s a great resource and you should check it out!

I can’t wait to properly get down and properly start working with all these lol

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hi, the kim kardashian hack still works?
— Anonymous  

nope :/ it says at the top of the post too

what's your fav doctor and companion?

Hmm probably like the season 6 era with 11 Amy/Rory but 10/rose kills me too

like the first okay-ish drawing ive made with my new tablet hello

okay PLEASE direct me to useful coloring tutorials i really did try to color this and it came out a mess i dont know where to start and when i try adding more to the flat color its just a jumble and gross and ughh help me

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"Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."

Happy September 1st!

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American Horror Story: Freak Show poster

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❄ ❆  Frozen Alphabet ❆ ❄

                S is for Sven

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